Let’s celebrate

Once again everyone has worked really hard this week. Well done everyone.


Feeling festive at Eastfield

It is safe to say that both the children and staff at Eastfield enjoyed coming to school in their pyjamas is week. With everyone in cosy and festive clothing, everyone that came to film club could snuggle up and get comfortable to watch a Christmas film. To get into the Christmas spirit all classes have decorated their Christmas trees and they look wonderful. Thank you to all that came to Christmas bingo. The children won some fantastic prizes and looks like some will be enjoying chocolate for the next few weeks.

London’s burning

From baking bread to putting out fires, the children have been fully immersed in the experience of the Great Fire of London this week. On Monday the children took part in a role play activity to act out the events of the fire that started in 1666. They came to school dressed up and we had a fantastic display of costumes. They have also worked hard during our cooking lesson, learning how to make bread and knead dough.