A lot to celebrate in Year 1

This week we have had a lot to celebrate. From excellent work to sporting stars, tidy cloakrooms to fantastic attendance. Well done Year 1! 


Remembrance Day 

This week we have been thinking about Remembrance Day and all the brave soldiers who have fought in wars. The children have each made a poppy, which you can see on the display in the main enterance ofschool. The children have also been back in time this week, in yoga and got to meet some dinosaurs. In Maths the children have started to think about ordinal numbers and took part in some running races to help them with language such as first, second and third. 

This moose belongs to me

This week we have started to look at the book “This moose belongs to me” by Oliver Jeffers. This  funny and clever tale tells the story of a little boy named Wilfred who believes he owns a moose. However, one day when out for a walk with his moose, Marcel, he stumbles upon someone else who claims they own the moose. Before reading the story, the children followed clues around school to help them work out what the story might be about.